Internet Enraged Over Video Claiming Landlords Deserve Tips


There’s nothing more uncomfortable than checking out of a to-go restaurant or store and being prompted by the establishment’s payment systems to tip — even if it’s on a $3 coffee.

While some may argue that tipping in the service industry should be commonplace and standard protocol, nearly all agree that some people’s expectations are being taken too far.

This seems to be the case in a now-viral TikTok by two creators performing a skit saying landlords should be tipped for being “on-call” and helping with routine keep-up around tenants’ units.

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In the clip, TikTokers Matthew Tortoriello and Kevin Shippee, who run the @twoguystakeonrealestate account, act out a scenario where a landlord hands a tenant a payment tablet asking how much he would want to tip, leaving the tenant confused. Per Tortoriello and Shippee’s Instagram account, they have over 26 combined years in the real estate investing space.

@twoguystakeonrealestate When you’re paying your landlord the rent and a tipping screen appears… #investmentproperty #realestateinvesting #passiveincome ♬ Cooking Time – Lux-Inspira

“So you’ll tip a barista who pours overpriced coffee into a cup but not the guy who’s on call 24/7 to make sure have a safe home,” the mock landlord uses in one argument after the mock tenant says that he won’t tip.

At the end of the clip, the mock landlord says that when it’s time for the tenant’s lease renewal, he’ll include gratuity as part of the rent price.

Obviously, this did not go over well with many social media users, including those on Twitter — one post featuring the clip has been viewed over 8.1 million times, and natively on TikTok, where the video has been viewed over 751,300 times.

“Tipping is for those who serve us and get paid minimally, relying on those tips,” a user quipped on TikTok. “You just make hard working people pay your two mortgages.”

“If this isn’t satire my brain is literally going to explode,” another said.

One Twitter user admitted that they had never even heard of tipping a landlord, explaining that tips are “primarily meant for specific services.”

According to Apartment Guide, it’s a nice gesture to provide your landlord with a small gift or bonus (around the holidays, for example), if your landlord also works as the building manager, but it is not required.


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