‘Cover Yourself’: Model Slams Beach Bar for Dress Code


A TikToker is going viral after she alleged that staff at a hotel told her she needed to cover up her bathing suit — while at a beach resort.

Model Naomi Tibbles took to the social media platform in a video that’s now been viewed over 10,700 times to explain how she stopped by an Australian beach resort in North Stradbroke Island for a watermelon spritz after a grueling 3K walk during a mental health day.

“I’m there for about 15-20 minutes before security came up and had a talk with me,” she explained to viewers, adding that she noticed the guards watching her and radioing to each other. “Turns out, he wants to have a talk about what I’m wearing … the first thing the security guard says to me is like we have a dress code here.”

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Tibbles said that the guard first told her she wasn’t allowed to wear “thongs” at the resort (the Australian word for flip-flops, not to be confused with the bathing suit bottom style) to which she pointed out that she was in fact wearing regular sandals.

“Then he tells me we’re a family establishment,” she explained. “And I’m sitting in the bar where there’s no children allowed, the only two children that I can see are all the way on the other end of the f****** restaurant, which I’m not in … And [the gaurd] says ‘Do you have something to cover yourself?'”

Tibbles can be seen in the video clip wearing a bikini, cover-up pants, sandals, and a cowboy hat.

The model was livid and in disbelief, explaining to viewers that she was at a beach resort and that her outfit was appropriate for any beach-bound activity, clarifying that the incident took place at the Stradbroke Beach Hotel.

Hundreds came to defend Tibble in the comments, calling her a “queen” and telling her to not let it bother her.

“What do they expect you to wear to a beach hotel bar,” one user asked. “You’re more covered up than the girls who ski in bikinis in Aspen in dead-a** winter.”

Others, however, slammed the model as “entitled” for not following the code.

“Just follow the rules,” one user said. “Why do ppl like to get mad and argue about rules, laws, dress codes, etc…? Go somewhere else. It’s that simple.”

The Stradbroke Beach Hotel does not have a dress code listed on its website. The hotel also did not publicly comment on the viral video.


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