The Benefits of Creating an Employee Communication App


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As the winter of 98′ drew to a close, a stormy night ensued. There was a crash among the trees. It was windy to the point where it was howling. I was tucked into bed and startled awake by a noise. A sound that altered the course of history. When I finally beat my dad’s 6110’s snake game, I couldn’t believe it.

And there, ladies and gents, is how I first began my trip into the world of app interaction.

While apps have been around for some time, they are thankfully one of the few things that will not be going away any time soon. Over time, they’ve figured out how to reliably become a part of our routines and earn their place as an indispensable part of society. Didn’t see the game last night? YouTube is your best friend. Do you need a taxi? Uber’s got your back. Have you run out of food? Fresh Direct is here to deliver it.

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Exploring the communication-ship

Remember when a friend suggested you create an internal communication app for your company, but you thought the suggestion was too cliche and decided not to act on it?

Think again: He was correct.

Don’t mind me, I just wrote that in my diary last night. However, allow me to explain why he was correct.

Communication is key. I’m sure we can all think of situations in our own lives where better communication would have prevented undue stress and friction. If you’ve come to that conclusion, then you’ve successfully onboarded the ship for better communication. But don’t just stand on the deck, let me show you around the ship’s various chambers, the most crucial of which is the engine room.

Why you should consider getting an internal communication app for your company

It facilitates easier access to data:

All information should be readily available, simple to comprehend, and most importantly, delivered to its target audience. Can you think of a situation when someone didn’t “get the message” and hence failed to follow instructions? It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, you can always get to your apps using your mobile device. With just a few taps, you can reach all of your employees and convey whatever message you choose. You can see who received, opened and responded to your announcement, and you can return to it at any time.

Time is saved, information is provided more efficiently, and employees have less trouble carrying out their work because of how smoothly the process flows.

Boost your capacity to bond with your staff:

If sending an email is like sending your child out to play with his friends, then sending an employee a direct message is like taking your child out for a game of catch, just the two of you. It creates a bond, fosters trust and takes you closer to the recipient. It will boost their confidence and self-esteem, which will ultimately benefit you. Your staff can immediately respond to your posts by liking, commenting or replying.

Deskless workers are on the Rise

Do you realize that about 80% of workers don’t have their own office? I know! That’s a rather big sum. The number of people working in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, education, food service, emergency services, and building and maintenance makes this a logical conclusion. Making an employee communication app is a no-brainer if you work in agriculture, education, healthcare, construction, hospitality or transportation — all of which rely heavily on effective communication.

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Why do employers stray away from the idea of an employee communication app?

It’s not exactly a secret why: Creating an app is time-consuming and expensive. But here’s the catch: No, it doesn’t need to be that way! For the simple reason that the no-code movement is also growing in popularity these days. Because of the advent of no-code platforms, nowadays, it’s possible to build a fully functional native staff communication app for your company in under an hour for under a hundred dollars, with all the hard work of programming already completed for you.

No work can be done without employee communication; using a third-party app to do so when you can build your own staff communication app is analogous to renting a duplex when you have enough money to buy your own. With no-code app builders, you can create a communication app with a few clicks and less than a hundred dollars, so what’s your excuse?


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