Strangers Become ‘Brothers’ in Grocery Store Check Out Line


A random act of kindness in a Louisiana grocery store line has led to a heartwarming friendship between two former strangers.

In a now-viral Facebook post that’s garnered over 6,500 reactions, Jason Boudreaux from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana shared a selfie and a story about how his card was declined while trying to pay for groceries at Cade’s Market.

“I deposited my payroll check and hour prior thought the money would have hit. I never deposit checks [etc]. [I didn’t] know it could take a day or so I had groceries that were way more expensive than a Starbucks cup of coffee,” Boudreaux explained, noting that he had said hello to the stranger in line while waiting.

After Boudreaux’s card was declined, the stranger told him “I got you” and paid for his haul.

“The point of this is the dude just stepped up for a complete stranger, he should be recognized,” the post read.

Boudreaux then updated the post at a later date and identified the man as Kevin Jones, who he found via a mutual friend on Facebook. Boudreaux then invited Jones to his mother’s house for “Family Day,” which also doubled as a birthday celebration for Jones.

“I was so embarrassed but still wanted to capture his moment,” Boudreaux wrote, talking about the selfie he snapped right after the incident at the store. “But Kevin Jones I think for [your] birthday I was smiling more than you.”

Commenters flooded Boudreaux’s post with encouraging messages and positivity.

“One random kind gesture has a trickling effect,” one person wrote. “I KNOW that because of this post…. Peoples hearts are so swollen with warmth and love.”

“Such a sweet soul,” another said. “Love this!”

According to Today, Boudreaux is a retired detective who now works as a sales and operations manager.

“Coming from where I come from in Louisiana, it’s not a very wealthy town. I know that feeling,” Jones told the outlet about his interaction with Boudreaux in the checkout line. “So not having the right amount of funds to pay for groceries, I know that feeling. I see a lot of people going through that, and not a lot of people are willing to make a sacrifice and step up and help the next person.”

Jones said that he and Boudreaux have made plans to go fishing and hang out each Sunday.

“I would describe it more as brothers,” Boudreaux said of his newfound friendship with Jones. “He’s honestly one of the most sincere souls I’ve met — and I’ve met many.”

Both men are fathers to three children.


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