Influencer Fashion Trends Taking Over Social Media in 2024


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They say all the world’s a stage, but I personally think of it as a runway. Style inspiration is everywhere—in strangers on the streets, the color palette of a fruit bowl, a scroll through Instagram, and in my case, my work. Not only do I work for a fashion company co-founded by two influencers who dress with the best of them, but I have the honor of collaborating with many creators in the space working on campaigns, events, and press opportunities for Daily Drills. I’m constantly taking notes, and I asked 10 of my favorite fashion girls what they’re loving and wearing right now. Read on for the top influencer fashion trends that might inspire you to try a new look in 2024.

Mary Ralph Bradley headshot.

When it comes to social media, most of the talk immediately turns negative—citing long hours spent scrolling and widespread screentime addictions. But I like to think of it as an opportunity, somewhere I can discover new ways of expressing my style and influencer fashion trends that crop up organically as a reflection of our culture and the times.

With that, let’s get to the most inspiring creators on my feed. Ahead, influencers cover all the trends that feel distinctly 2024. From statement belts to functional outfit toppers (and everything you can think of in between), these are the styles that define the moment.

Bye-Bye Boring Belts

Who: Gabriella Gofis

What she’s wearing: Buckle up everybody, because statement belts are one of my favorite influencer fashion trends of the year. As illustrated by Gabriella Gofis, “belts with a little more punch” are statement pieces to elevate a more casual or simple outfit. While Gabriella notes that belts never have and never will truly go out of style, belts with silver hardware, studs, snakeskin, and exaggerated buckles are definitely having a resurgence in 2024. She’s currently loving her Khaite Lucca Belt, but is on the hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage belts to add to her rotation.  

Hats to Top off Any Look

Who: Mary Ralph Bradley

What she’s wearing: Mary Ralph, co-founder of Daily Drills, is prioritizing her skin in 2024, but doing so in the most fashionable way possible. Adding a hat to your look not only accessorizes an outfit, but protects your skin from the UV rays we’re all craving at this point in winter.

When asked about her love of hats, Mary Ralph says to “never underestimate the power of accessorizing. It’s amazing how you can wear jeans and a tee every day without it ever looking the same.” Plus, hats double as an excuse to postpone hair-wash day, which is reason enough for me to hop on this influencer fashion trend. I’m lucky to be inspired by her looks IRL in the office, but the good news is you can still see all of her OOTDs on TikTok—trendy hats and all!

Maximalism at Its Finest

Who: Hadley Greene

What she’s wearing: As Hadley Greene has grown into her own sense of style, she can “no longer ignore the fact that [she] is a maximalist.” From statement pants to bright colors, leaning into mixing patterns and textures is an influencer fashion trend that’s all about showing your personality through clothes. Because when you lean into styles that are truly an expression of you, it changes the way you move through the world. When people see Hadley strolling the streets in rainbow pants and a shiny pink puffer, she aims to spark the same kind of joy she feels when getting dressed. So if you’re feeling shy in your own style, take a page out of Hadley’s book and be a maximalist in 2024. 

Tomboy Chic

Who: Lauren Amigleo

What she’s wearing: Coining the term “tomboy chic” on her TikTok, Lauren Amigleo’s style starter pack features baggy denim, vintage trucker hats, frilly blouses, and chunky jewelry—all of my favorite 2024 influencer fashion trends that, when worn together, create an effortless, cool-girl look.

“Tomboy chic holds a lot more meaning to me than one might expect,” reflects Amigleo. “While I do love hints of boyish charm, I also love to look at this style as a way of representing women who are ‘out-of-the-box’ in their hobbies and untraditional in their fashion.” Proving that ballet flats and boxers belong in the same outfit one OOTD at a time, Amigleo has us all taking notes and embracing our inner tomboys this year. 

Monochrome Moments

Who: Baskin Champion

What she’s wearing: Not to be dramatic, but we’re obsessed with monochromatic looks. As someone who’s slightly OCD when it comes to matching colors in an outfit, I always appreciate when a look feels satisfyingly seamless. Model and influencer Baskin Champion has truly mastered the monochrome approach, while still keeping the look interesting through the use of texture.

Silver Takes the Gold

Who: Lyle Lawson

What she’s wearing: Straight from the runways to the influencers, all of the it girls – including Lyle Lawson – are swapping out their gold jewelry for silver statement pieces in 2024. From chunky rings to cuffed bracelets, silver jewelry effortlessly complements the bold pops of red, full-denim ensembles, and statement belts dominating influencer fashion trends this year. As someone accustomed to a strictly gold jewelry stack, I’m slowly integrating silver stacking rings and mixed metal earrings into my repertoire to keep up with the times. It’s true that most fashion trends do come full circle, so before feeling like you need to purchase a whole new stack, a dig through your mom’s / grandma’s / local vintage stores’ collections might be a silver lining!

Socks With Spunk

Who: Kennedy Crichlow

What she’s wearing: The “wrong shoe theory” has taken over social media this year, but what about the wrong sock theory? Influencer Kennedy Crichlow, who also happens to be my boss and the co-founder of Daily Drills, has taken the idea of making outfits more interesting through shoe choices one step further, leveraging socks to spice up an otherwise basic look. Whether she’s adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit or just finding a way to make loafers more comfortable, Ken’s sock choices not only show attention to detail in her style, but are a fun way to show her personality from head to toe. What used to be a boring stocking stuffer is now an it-girl-approved accessory, sure to inspire playfulness in 2024. 

Not-Your-Boyfriend’s Boxer Pants

Who: Audrey Muse

What she’s wearing: Last year’s boxer trend is not going anywhere, it’s getting an upgrade. Audrey Muse gravitates towards her boxer pants year round – pairing them with chunky knits in the winter and bikinis in the summer. Never afraid to shy away from a style challenge, Audrey loves dressing up her boxer pants, which she designed for her brand By Audrey Muse, and finding new ways to get creative with the trend. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in pajamas while perfectly emulating one of 2024’s top influencer fashion trends? 

Mob Wife Era

Who: Sydney Silverman

What she’s wearing: Described on TikTok as the “mob wife aesthetic,” this has to be one of my favorite influencer fashion trends of 2024. With big, fur or leather coats at the core of mob wife style, emulating this trend is all about feeling unapologetically glamorous – and it’s as much of an aura as it is an appearance. Sydney’s long length coat and dark glasses exude that 80’s bold opulence, taking inspiration from costume design in The Sopranos, The Godfather, and Scarface. If quiet luxury was never your vibe, this trend is for you. 

Overalls Over ALL

Who: Hailey Polk

What she’s wearing: Since going viral for her bob hairstyle on TikTok, Hailey Polk has become one of my favorite social media follows for her infectious positivity and effortless style. Her 2024 closet staple? Vintage overalls. I too have been loving overalls for how easy they are when it comes to both styling and practicality. Overalls have been my go-to uniform on photoshoot days, because I can utilize the many pockets for accessories, while still looking cute and put together. Since not all of us have the patience to shop vintage, Carhart, Levis, and Free People have some great vintage-inspired options to check out.


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