Could AI race cars replace human drivers?

[ad_1] It is no secret that autonomous driving is rapidly becoming the way of the future. Amazon recently had its first test drive of the Zoox robotaxi, and it was a major success, so many are wondering if this will become the norm down the road.  CLICK TO GET KURT’S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, […]

Insane water-cooling rig uses 69 heads and 100 feet of tubing

[ad_1] Most water-cooled desktops have a system that cools the CPU, and maybe the GPU if it’s extra-fancy. But that wasn’t good enough for one intrepid user on the /r/watercooling subreddit. They spent months on possibly the most elaborate water-cooled desktop ever, cooling what appears to be every single internal component and then some. It’s […]