Seagate unveils new 22TB IronWolf Pro hard drive at NAB conference

[ad_1] What just happened? At the NAB 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Seagate unveiled its highest capacity conventional magnetic recording (CMR) hard drive, aimed at commercial and enterprise customers. Called the IronWolf Pro, the 22 TB hard disk drives come with Seagate’s AgileArray technology and offer top-end NAS and DAS performance, as well as high […]

Using AI to challenge death’s finality

[ad_1] WASHINGTON – Artificial intelligence is creating opportunities for mourners to reconnect with loved ones who’ve already passed away. The technology, while controversial, is gaining prominence as AI development improves at a rapid pace. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN HEALTH CARE: NEW PRODUCT ACTS AS ‘COPILOT FOR DOCTORS’ California-based DeepBrain AI has developed AI technology which will […]

Razer Wolverine V2 review: A premium wired PC controller

[ad_1] At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Clicky mechanical buttons Comfortable and well-balanced in the hand Customizable buttons and triggers Works great on PC and Xbox Cons Expensive at $100 Wired only with non-removable cable Buttons are loud Our Verdict The Razer Wolverine V2 offers precise, customizable controls, but the high price and lack of […]

Nvidia releases RTX Remix open source runtime on GitHub

[ad_1] In a nutshell: Nvidia has launched its RTX Remix runtime as an open source project in an effort to expand game compatibility and add new features to the modding platform. It’s available to download now for free over on GitHub. Nvidia announced RTX Remix back in September. The platform is designed to make it […]