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I’m Bullish on Preferred Equity Right Now—Here’s Why

[ad_1] In this article If you’ve been reading our stuff for the past year or so, you know we’re bullish on preferred equity. And we believe there is a short window of opportunity to achieve this asymmetric risk/return opportunity.  Investors are asking a lot of questions about preferred equity, so we thought you might be interested […]

The Low-Cost Way to “Invest” in Real Estate in 2024

[ad_1] A thriving real estate business without rental properties?! It might sound like an easy way to “invest,” but make no mistake—you’re going to need to sharpen your management, interior design, and problem-solving skills for it to work. Fortunately, today’s guest can bring you up to speed on this low-cost strategy! Welcome back to the […]

7 Design Tips That Could Double Your Airbnb Revenue

[ad_1] If you follow these Airbnb design tips, you could double your nightly rates almost instantly. Don’t believe us? Erica Dike, a short-term rental design expert, has done it before and is sharing her “designing for dollars” formula ANYONE can use to boost nightly rates, double revenue, or increase their bookings. Erica, like many of […]

How to Outsmart The Grocery Stores’ Rising Prices

[ad_1] Whether you know it or not, “shrinkflation” is costing you. You’re paying more for less, as manufacturers boast record profits. Your paycheck is getting eaten away faster and faster every month, but you’re left with the same amount of stuff. How did this happen, and when is it going to stop? Phil Lempert, AKA […]

When NOT to Build an ADU and How to Invest $300K

[ad_1] How does a HELOC work? Can you use one to start investing in real estate when you’re low on cash? And, if you do decide to go the rental property investing route, how do you ensure you’ll retire a millionaire? If these questions have been keeping you up at night, worry not; David and […]

Is Now a Better Time to Invest in Real Estate Debt or Equity?

[ad_1] In this article Many investors assume that ownership is inherently safer than debt. I currently own equity in thousands of units and have invested six figures in real estate debts. I can tell you firsthand that it’s not—at least not always.  Still, real estate equity and debt investments serve different purposes in your portfolio. […]

Could Rehab Loans Replace Hard Money Loans for Investors?

[ad_1] In this article As most house flippers or BRRRR landlords will tell you, paying for hard money—with high interest rates and points tacked on top—can take huge chunks of profit out of a project. For landlords, extra expenses are involved in making monthly payments and paying to refinance into a regular mortgage, further eroding the bottom line. It’s generally […]