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What Happens If Interest Rates Stay High?

[ad_1] Mortgage rates were supposed to be going down by now, but what happened? Even in late 2023, many housing market experts predicted that we’d be seeing high to mid six percent mortgage rates at this point and hovering around the high five percent rate mark by the end of the year, but the Fed […]

How to Pay Less Taxes by Buying Real Estate

[ad_1] With so many real estate tax write-offs, it’s no wonder that CPA Brandon Hall says rental real estate is one of the most tax-advantaged assets on the planet. But, even with so much free-flowing information on how to pay less to Uncle Sam, most real estate investors are missing out on a MASSIVE tax […]

Newly-Built Condos in Cities Make Perfect Rentals—Here’s Why

[ad_1] In this article When discussing rental properties, it’s common for people to refer to multifamily residences. How many times have you heard someone say something like, “I have 20 units under management,” most of which are probably spread across just a few buildings? This investment approach is logical from an economic standpoint. Having four units under […]