Content Marketing vs PR: How to Tell the Difference

[ad_1] Almost everything in the world is about communication. Think about it. Humans are built to tell stories with facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and more. We’re also uniquely capable of understanding these cues from others. That’s not to mention everything else that reveals stuff about you: clothing, art, the car you drive, […]

Why Point-Of-View Matters in Content Writing

[ad_1] Which of these two sentences are you more excited about? Marketers can win a lifetime supply of chocolate. You can win a lifetime supply of chocolate. * Unless you’re about to start Whole30, you’re probably more jazzed about the second one. Why? It speaks directly to you. It offers up a dream scenario in […]

Content Marketing for Lawyers: Complete Guide for 2024

[ad_1] While lawyers are experts at making compelling cases in court, many seem to have overlooked the digital verdict awaiting them online. Surprisingly, over a third of legal clients start their search for a law firm online. Despite this, the number of attorneys who report they have a website dropped from 94% in 2022 to […]

4 LinkedIn Best Practices to Help You Stand Out

[ad_1] Social media is an ever-changing beast — from rebrands to new platforms (I’m looking at you BeReal), it can be hard to keep up. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. For example, LinkedIn has remained a mighty force in the online professional networking game.  So how do you harness that networking […]

Sloppy content? Most common writers pitfalls

[ad_1] There’s no place for sloppy copy in your digital marketing. It wastes your reader’s time. It erodes the trustworthy, authoritative brand your team has worked so hard to establish. And it’s kind of embarrassing if you’re a professional who wants to create work you’re proud of. Whether you’re an up-and-coming content writer or an […]

Benefits of Finding Top-tier Financial Services

[ad_1] In the current complex business financial landscape, businesses and individuals encounter many choices when it comes to managing their finances; from retirement planning to investment opportunities, navigating the realm of finance can be challenging without proper guidance. This is where exceptional financial services come into play, providing invaluable support and assistance to help businesses […]

How To Choose a Fintech Content Writer

[ad_1] In internet culture, when two fictional characters are in a relationship (or everyone thinks they should be), they get a “ship name.” And if those characters happened to be finance and technology, their ship name would be “fintech.” It works, right? Financial technology, or fintech, is a marriage between the financial services and tech […]