Automated Content Creation, the Right Way

[ad_1] I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a pen and telling stories even longer. For me, artificial intelligence (AI) was like the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker: It gave me the superpower of automated content creation.  The thing about superpowers — at least for me and Spider-Man — is that […]

How to Write An Effective Outline

[ad_1] Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been struck by the perfect idea for a new piece of content and started to put your (metaphorical) pen to paper. With a few hours of writing under your belt, you step back to see what you’ve written. As you begin proofing the next great content marketing […]

Google Updates Spam Policies To Redefine Helpful Content

[ad_1] On March 5, 2024, Google released two updates, one involving changes to multiple core systems and the other redefining the identification of helpful content. This includes a refreshed look at spam policies — a list that’s already expansive. Google says the core update is more complex than others, tweaking multiple systems — particularly those […]

Cool email signatures for marketing your brand

[ad_1] Email is a highly effective marketing tool, but one piece of the puzzle is often missing: an optimized email signature. Like a call to action at the end of a blog post, a strategic email signature can make a lasting impression on your contacts. Ending a B2B marketing email with a concise phrase […]

5 Benefits of Branding for Businesses Big and Small

[ad_1] When it’s allergy season you ask for a “Kleenex” instead of tissue paper; you might enjoy a “Popsicle” on a hot summer day instead of an ice pop; and you “Google” something when you need to search the internet for information. This is expert branding in action. Some companies […]

How To Build a Content Development Plan (Infographic)

[ad_1] Few – if any – successful content marketers just wing it. Sure, you want to constantly evaluate content performance and make changes as needed. But you should never be in a position to just churn out content with no clear content management strategy or content goal in mind. Every content piece, from blog post […]

3 Anti-Fluff Approaches to Content Writing

[ad_1] Fluffy phrases are the empty calories of content creation. They might bulk up your word count, but they starve your message of meaning.  A dollop of fluff might be a minor distraction to readers — but too much can quickly tip the scales. Verbosity can make your copy unreadable, untrustworthy and even spammy. What […]

Content Marketing for Charities: Complete Guide for 2024 Nonprofits

[ad_1] While charities are committed to supporting people or specific causes, simply relying on noble intentions isn’t enough in today’s digital era. You need strategic storytelling to amplify your mission and ignite change — and that’s where content marketing steps in. At Brafton, we know that teams dedicated to helping others need support themselves. We’re […]