Barbara Corcoran Under Fire for Shooting Money Gun at Workers


“Shark Tank” star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran is known for treating her employees to lavish perks, like a holiday shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany & Co.

But Corcoran’s latest over-the-top move has the internet divided.

In a now-viral TikTok that’s now been viewed over 1.4 million times, Corcoran decides to treat her in-office team to a little cash bonus for Employee Appreciation Day, which was on March 3.

Except there’s one catch — the employees have to pick the money up off the floor if they want to hang on to it.

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The clip shows the multi-millionaire entering the office where her employees are sitting and working with a money gun and then begins to feverishly shoot it, covering the floor with bills.

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The employees then get on the ground and start scooping up what appears to be $100 bills and throwing the Benjamins into the air.

Many were quick to criticize Corcoran, calling the act “offensive” and “degrading.”

“Ughhhh the intentions are good but the actions were terrible,” one user wrote. “I would never throw money on the ground for people to pick up like animals.”

“Barb just deposit it in their accounts and give them the day off girl,” another joked.

However, some pointed out that the clip was most likely meant to be satire and claimed that Corcoran was shooting out fake money.

“It’s for fun and clearly they have a different work culture there,” one TikToker wrote. “All depends on the team and culture!”

Corcoran has not yet clarified whether or not the clip was meant to be a joke.

The “Shark Tank” star has been leaning into social media lately, starting a new series of get-ready-with-me-style videos where she tells little anecdotes from the beginning of her career to her followers while her makeup artist puts on her makeup.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Corcoran is worth an estimated $100 million.

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