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With Aron Groups broker, you are not dealing with any other brokers. You are in the company of an award-winning brokerage account that is very easy to navigate. 

While there is no way to guarantee returns, you can always pick up the right online brokerage; by doing so, you have the perfect company that suits your need, and yes, we know what you need. 

Different brokers are designed for a specific type of client. There are long-term holders and active day traders in the market, and we are about to transform the forex industry to allow everyone to trade. Let’s get to know us better.

Where everything begins

Years of experience in the financial and gold bullion market resulted in thousands of glad clients in the middle east and got us closer to our ultimate goal: providing a client-centric trading chance for everyone.

The global capital markets are filled with opportunities, and everyone can create sustainable growth given the right tools. 

With market research, we succeeded in connecting with customers and understanding the main reason driving people off the markets. Trading and investing can be complex, so we focus on simplicity. Keeping that in mind, we created an intuitive and innovative platform that is easy to use and comprehend. 

Aron Groups broker offers detailed prices, market information, and enlightening analysis since information is the key to making the right decisions. Explore the Aron platform and find everything you need to navigate the markets. 

Such companionship does not come cheap, though we provide excellent customer service with the lowest fees and competitive spread in the market. 

Why Aron Groups 

The most important reason to join Aron Broker is to profit and be one of its 10000 satisfied traders. All you need is to be in the market, and we will provide everything you need to start trading and investing. 

We know how to do that, and winning the Dubai Forex Expo award is proof. The Dubai Expo 2022 looked back at brokers’ performance in the past. It awarded Aron Groups with the Fast Growth of Trader Attraction award for being there for its clients and sharing experiences with other traders. 

The Turkey Blockchain Summit 2023 is yet to come, and Aron Groups and well-known crypto traders in the market will be there to make the future. It is to name a few of the participants to comprehend the importance of the upcoming event; the popular crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe and the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor.

As a newbie with 10 dollars worth of investment or a market-maker with 10 billion dollars in Aron Groups broker, you will access the same tools and services since the client’s total capital does not determine the level of services he will be provided.  

What we offer 

Aron Groups offers room for success; it offers a platform to turn your dreams into reality. We provide everything you need, from Meta Trader 5, an advanced analytical trading platform, to different methods for withdrawal and deposit.

The financial market is active, and nothing stays the same forever in this market, so to profit, you need to seize the moment and be vigilant. Events are affecting the market, and you need to be informed, and that’s our job to inform you at the right time. A memorable phrase says, “The first to market is the first to fail,” but the phrase only applies to those that enter the market without any factual information. 

Getting along with Aron Groups, you will be among the first to know what is yet to come. We will inform you about impactful events such as the Expo exhibition, blockchain summit, etc. 

We are proud to present the first Tomans symbols in the global market. In Aron Groups, we managed to supply molten gold and coins as the most rewarding products in the global markets. We did not stop there and continued our effort to introduce the dollar-toman pair so that everyone worldwide could access it. Here you find out more about our services. 

Prop trading 

In prop trading, you borrow funds from a third-party company. The company will deposit in the Aron Groups broker, and you can trade with the fund, but you can only withdraw the borrowed money if you reach 1% profit. Then you can withdraw up to 90% of the return.  

In Aron prop service, we offer 1:200 leverage with zero monthly fees. Feel free to trade more than 400 trading symbols with borrowed money. 

Aron Bank 

Aron Bank is a risk-free solution for those looking for low investment risks. Why on earth do I need to trust a bank? You might wonder. Bank’s interests are low, but we are not talking about investing in traditional banking systems as we know their rates are lower than nominal inflation. We are talking about Aron Bank’s 40% annual daily interest rate for Toman and 4% annual daily interest rate for the dollar. 

The minimum deposit amount is 100 dollars; give it a try, and the word “bank’ which has lost its meaning for years, will be born again with a new tag; Aron Bank. What have you got to lose?

 A goal that does not seem farfetched

Knowing that “the pioneer is the one with the arrows in its back,” years passed, and we achieved many. The goal was to transform the conventional forex industry and enable everyone to trade. Now we can see the satisfaction of more than 10000 clients. 

For first-time traders and investors worldwide, access to Toman trading products and dollar currency pair to the Toman is at your fingertips.

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