5-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie


Something about summer screams frozen treats, and what could be better than a dish with ice cream? Bursting with juicy strawberries, cherries, and raspberries, this cherry berry ice cream pie is the perfect mix of in-season fruit and sweet, creamy goodness. And just when you thought this recipe couldn’t get better… did I mention it only has 5 ingredients? The steps are fool-proof, giving you a stunning summer dessert that will leave everyone asking for the recipe.

The five-ingredient recipes in our summer grilling menu all exude summer vibes, but this cherry berry ice cream pie might just be my favorite. It’s exactly what I’m looking for after spending a day in the heat. Light, cold, and not overly sweet, there are very few ways to go wrong with this no-bake wonder.

Ingredients for Ice Cream Pie

  • Ice cream. We used strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Target, which paired perfectly with the fresh fruit.
  • Crust. The Good & Gather Graham Cracker crust is just the right amount of light and sweet. And really: what’s a cheese cake-inspired pie without its graham crackers?
  • Sauce. Chocolate sauce makes everything better. It adds the perfect amount of richness to seal the deal on this ice cream pie.
  • Toppings & add in’s. Strawberries, cherries, and raspberries all create a stunning presentation. But you can feel free to add any fruit of your liking. Additionally, graham cracker crumbles or pistachios will make a pretty addition to your pie.

How to Make Ice Cream Pie

  1. Choose your crust. Store-bought or homemade, a good graham cracker crust is essential to this ice cream pie.
  2. Add the ice cream. Allow your ice cream to soften slightly before adding to your crust. Layer to the top of your crust and smooth out with a spoon.
  3. Let freeze. Place your pie in the freezer and let it harden. This is crucial in keeping the pie together, especially in the summer heat!
  4. Top with add in’s & sauce. Once your pie has hardened, it’s ready to be decorated with all of your delicious toppings!

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Your search for the perfect summer dessert ends here. This cherry berry ice cream pie is super simple and only uses five ingredients.

  1. Slightly soften ice cream.


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