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5 Classic Books On Real Estate Investing To Buy This Holiday


This Black Friday, BiggerPockets is offering a steep discount on all books in our bookstore! Pick up some of the best books in real estate, business, and investing this holiday for you, your family, and your friends!

Don’t know which book to get first? Here are five real estate classics you’ll want to read this winter.

Real Estate By The Numbers – J Scott and Dave Meyer

Whether buying your first rental or a seasoned investor, this concise and clearly written reference guide to real estate investing will have something useful for you. What we like about this book is its clear and easy-to-follow structure. The reader is taken on a journey from the basics of investment analysis, like learning to understand what investable assets you have, to the more complex concepts of real estate investing, such as performance metrics, refinancing, and loan structuring. 

Budding real estate investors should definitely check out this book, even if the only part you read is the last section, which helps answer the question, “when is it time to sell my investment?”

Co-authors Dave Meyer and J Scott give a masterclass in investing analysis backed by years of experience and study. It’s a must-read.

Buy Real Estate By The Numbers here!

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat – David Greene

If you have your sights set on BRRRR investing, this is the book to read. David Greene is a seasoned BRRRR investor who went from buying two houses per year to buying two houses per month. In this book, he breaks down the BRRRR method into simple steps. At its most basic level, BRRRR involves purchasing a home under market value, adding value with renovations, renting out to tenants, then either refinancing or cashing out and repeating the process. 

With this book, Greene makes growing your investment portfolio accessible to just about anyone. 

Get started with the BRRRR method today by buying Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat here!

The Book On Rental Property Investing – Brandon Turner

With more than 650,000 copies sold worldwide, this guide to real estate investing is one of BiggerPockets’ best-selling books for good reason. Brandon Turner’s classic focuses on how you can use rental property investing to achieve financial freedom. 

This practical guide gives you easy-to-follow strategies to maximize rental income, finance new investments, and expand your portfolio by learning how to spot a great deal. We especially like the chapters that explain what elements make great rental properties and what professionals you’ll need to build a real estate investment team. The digital version of the book also includes Brandon Turner’s interviews with investing experts Chad Carson, Brian Burke, Bill Syrios, and Ben Leybovich.

Buy The Book On Rental Property Investing here!

The Book On Investing In Real Estate With No (And Low) Money Down – Brandon Turner

Not all real estate investors start with an arsenal of capital. In fact, this brilliant guide by Brandon Turner demonstrates that it is possible to build a real estate portfolio without access to huge quantities of cash. This book will get you thinking creatively about financing your real estate investments, even if you have very limited cash or assets behind you. 

It gives detailed explanations on how you can attract partners and private investors who will help you grow your real estate investing venture while also providing really unique and creative ways to access capital. It also warns you against some of the pitfalls so that you’re prepared for the ups and downs that lie ahead.

Get The Book On Investing In Real Estate With No (And Low) Money Down here!

Set for Life, Revised Edition – Scott Trench

Recently revised after selling over 130,000 copies, BiggerPockets CEO Scott Trench takes us on the journey towards financial independence in his classic, Set For Life.

In this book, Trench uses his experiences to coach budding real estate entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to retire from their nine-to-five sooner rather than later. Set For Life is positioned primarily as a personal finance book rather than real estate investing, but the lessons to learn are just as critical as any investing book teaches.

From giving detailed instructions on how to live more frugally to explaining the impact of your financial and housing decisions, Trench builds a compelling case for engineering your own financial independence in as little time as possible. 

Get Set For Life, Revised Edition here!

Take Advantage Of This Offer

The whole bookstore is on sale this Black Friday, so be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite investing book is!

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